Relevant topics

Topics relevant to the symposium include (but are not limited to):

Modeling and Representation

  • Document models and structures (multimedia, graphs, trees, streams, adaptive and responsive documents, probabilistic documents)
  • Document representation and standards (interchange standards, markup languages, style sheets, document type representation, metadata)
  • Distributed documents
  • Collaborative documents and sharing economy
  • Document internationalization, multilingual representations

Generation, Manipulation, and Presentation

  • Document authoring tools and systems
  • Document presentation (typography, formatting, layout) algorithms and systems
  • Automatically generated documents, content customization, variable printing
  • Documents for mobile devices
  • Document transformation

Web Document Processing and Interaction

  • Rich web applications
  • Systems and algorithms for safe and efficient document processing
  • Scalable distributed document processing
  • Linked data and semantics enrichment, linking techniques and standards
  • Automatic tagging and semantic linking

Collections, Systems, and Management

  • Document repositories, storage, indexing, retrieval, deduplication, cleansing
  • Massive collections of documents, large-scale processing
  • Enterprise content management: models and standards, scale and performance
  • Digital libraries and archives, preservation systems
  • Document system components, versioning, synchronization
  • Document systems and workflows


  • Documents and privacy
  • Secure document workflows, including policy and access
  • Security printing, including document identification, tagging and meta-data
  • Cyber-physical document workflows, especially electronic/print options
  • Document access, workflow and security for mobile and printing devices

User Experience

  • Navigation, search
  • Usability, accessibility, readability and aesthetics
  • Collaborative authoring and editing, curation and annotation
  • Workflows, integration and interaction between human and automated processes
  • Culture-dependent layouts


  • Web applications and systems
  • Mobile applications
  • Social networks
  • Education
  • Digital humanities
  • Document analysis
  • eBooks and digital publishing